Tutto Sposi was born in 1993 with the intention to create a salon entirely dedicated to the magic wedding day.

Since the beginning it became a elegant and successful fair, something not only to be seen but a small world to dream. Exhibitors were so many since the first edition. Great success for the parades, most appreciated the buffet offered to celebrate, the various events that highlight the event. In fact, right away you can feel the atmosphere of magic and joy in the air both for the operators and the thousands of couples of future bride and groom who visit the fair.Despite the birth of other fairs, Tutto Sposi is highlighted as one of the most beautiful realities in Italy,with a resonance that makes it one of the most important annual appointements of the Polo Espositivo Fiorentino.

One of crucial points of the fair is that the couples looking for organizational support succeed in a day to set their cerimony or to have a tangible idea of all opportunities made available to them. It results since immediately an amusing, dynamics, well organized fair; there are contests that put in palio for you travels, gifts, suits and much more. The flow of public is always great.

Surely the location fulfils its role: the Fortezza da Basso is in fact a perfect frame for this type of events as it finds in the center of Florence, in a very fuctional historical environment and easily accessible.

Numerous are the guest of honor that have been invited during the different editions to admire the evenings events, Among which we remember  Nina Moric, Gabriel Garko, Simona Ventura, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Loredana Lecciso, Alessia Ventura, Massimo Giletti, Il Mago Otelma, Davide Mengacci, Andy Luotto, Roberto Farnesi ecc.

Tutto Sposi is an occasion to simplify the realization of a special day as that of your wedding: each stand shows off products and services of their business with elaborate and elegant outfits, making suggestive every specific reality.

Big names of bakery have animated the afternoons and the evenings of Tutto Sposi carrying out real artworks   such as gigantic wedding cakes or pastries of all kinds, great chefs have created a lot of show cooking cheering the palates of the presents. On the platform of the parades have taken life courses for wedding planner, beauty pageants, literary contests etc. All organized til the last detail such as to keep always high the level of this splendid fair, that shows despite the change of the tastes of the people and the various crisis (economic and of couples) remains the ideal place where it is possible to find whatever it’s needed to realize the desired marriage.