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This information describes what are cookies and cookie types are used by Tutto Sposi SRL in their websites.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that web sites send to the computer or another visitor’s Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor’s browser or to save information or settings in the browser.

Tutto Sposi SRL uses cookie on their websites?

Yes. Tutto Sposi SRL uses cookies to improve their websites and to provide services and functionality to users. You can restrict or disable the use of cookies through your web browser. However, in some cases, some web site functionality may become inaccessible.

What types of cookies are used on the Web site

Cookies needed

These cookies are essential to concluding a transaction or to finalizing an initialized request by user. For example, they are useful to remember the information provided by the user during navigation in the site.

Functional cookies

These cookies allow the website to remember the choices made by the user in order to optimize them functionality. For example, functional cookies allow the website to remember a user’s specific settings, such as country selection and, if set, permanent access status.

Analytical cookies

These cookies allow you to collect data on the use of the Web site by the user, including the basis on which you click while surfing in order to improve the performance and design of the same site. They could be shared with our providers of third-party testing tools. However, they are used exclusively for purposes related to our Web sites.

Targeting cookies

These cookies remind you about the use of the website by the user so that we can provide promotional and otherwise targeted information on the site itself.

Advertising or profiling cookies

These cookies are used to collect information about websites and individual pages visited by users, both on our site and outside it (which may indicate, for example, interests or other features of users). Such cookies are used to provide advertising and commercial communications more pertinent to the interests of the user by profiling it. They are also used to limit the number of times an advertisement is shown and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They remain on the user’s computer until they are deleted and remind you of the site visit. Also, they can indicate whether the user has arrived on our website through an advertising link. This information is shared with other organizations such as our advertisers and contractors, who could use it together with information about how others use the same web site, such as identifying interests and behaviors common to different groups of users visiting our (and other) websites.

Holder of Data Processing

Tutto Sposi Srl – Viale Milton 3 – 50129 – Firenze

Since the installation of cookies and other third-party monitoring systems through the services used in this application this can’t be technically controlled by the owner, you must consider a specific reference to third-party cookies and tracking systems installed. For complete information, see the privacy policy for third-party services listed in this document.

Due to the objective complexity of discovering cookie-based technologies and their very close integration with web functionality, users are encouraged to contact the owner if they want to get more in-depth information of cookies alone. Example, by third parties made through this website.

How to disable or remove cookies?

Each web browser allows you to restrict and delete cookies. For more information about cookie management, see the relevant link below.